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Real Estate Agent Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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Developing a real estate agent resume can pose problems as you consider what to put on one.

After all, you must come up with excellent points that appeal to potential clients or hires, so how do you go about that while working in the real estate industry and standing out?

Don’t feel bad if you struggle with resume creation: many people find it difficult and don’t know how to approach it. You can simplify the process by reviewing various resume examples to see how to model and create your ideal resume to secure your dream job.

Real Estate Agent Resume Examples

As you create a real estate agent resume, you should review some examples to understand what works. Then, you can go through five types, which focus on different areas of the industry, allowing you to adapt your resume for real estate developers and other positions.

Entry-Level Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Everyone needs to start somewhere, so having a resume for your entry-level real estate agent work can help. While you may lack experience in the industry, you should consider projects and internships while replacing the information with your details.

Remember to remain honest since agencies dislike lies and fake details, so use the example as a guideline while filling in the best information about yourself.

Entry-Level Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it shows that the applicant has the education and licenses necessary to work as a real estate agent. In addition, it also shows their creativity and ability to relate to their past experiences to the market, which employers appreciate.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Real Estate Agent Resume Example
  • Best For: Those starting their career in real estate
An image of Entry-Level Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Real Estate Agent Internship

  • Providing assistance to real estate agents while learning from them by participating in meetings and talking with agents.
  • Helping them remain organized and discussing current clients to offer different viewpoints.
  • Going through paperwork and learning about different closing documents to see what real estate agents can expect.
  • Visiting clients on-location to show them properties while working with a mentor, learning how to interact with clients, and assisting them.
  • Having access to a real estate agent housing portal to see the different properties available while keeping an eye on the industry.

McDonald’s Crew Member

  • Experience listening to leaders, following directions, and communicating with the team to help everyone succeed.
  • Interacting with customers in a professional manner, focused on meeting their needs and addressing conflicts.
  • Staying organized while providing each customer with the food they ordered and fixing any mistakes that may occur.
  • Showing up to work on time and immediately clocking in, focusing on what must be done before starting.
  • Keeping myself busy and always doing something productive, such as cleaning the lobby during downtime.

Project Experience

  • Participating in real estate development regarding the planning and building process.
  • Joining a project involving house construction and building a place for someone to live.
  • Assisting people with their taxes and reviewing their finances to prepare them for the upcoming tax season.


  • Reviewing the current housing market
  • Communicating with others
  • Strong math and tax skills
  • Experience working with housing market software
  • Knowledge of Nevada real estate laws


Licenses & Accreditations

Why This Resume Works

Since you may not have experience working with real estate agents, you must point to other experiences you can apply. Even though working at a fast food restaurant may not apply to real estate work, you can use the description to show what you learned and how it applies.

A setup like this works since it shows that you have the education and licenses necessary to work as a real estate agent. In addition, it also shows your creativity and ability to relate your past experiences to the market, which employers appreciate.

Projects also work as excellent ways to show your experience and interest in the industry, so consider your previous projects and frame them nicely.

Senior Real Estate Agent Resume Example

You may seek a work opportunity as a senior real estate agent, meaning you’re in charge of other real estate agents. This works well if you want a higher-up position in real estate to make more money while tackling more responsibilities.

Because of that, you want to highlight your work experience in the industry while showing how long you’ve worked there.

Senior Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it highlights previous experiences as a real estate agent. It also mentions the education level and highlights the licenses and accreditations. Licenses are essential in this kind of jobs.

  • Type of Resume: Senior Real Estate Agent Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for senior real estate jobs
An image of Senior Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Real Estate Agent Manager

  • Worked with real estate agents while providing resources and assistance to help them close homes.
  • Kept up-to-date on the market, including interest rates and available properties people can purchase.
  • Maintaining the office space while keeping everything organized to help other real estate agents do their job.
  • Building relationships with different people in the industry, including lenders, so both can work together.
  • Understand the local laws and regulations to avoid any legal problems or similar issues in the team.

Real Estate Agent

  • Communicated regularly with clients to help them find a home while meeting their needs.
  • Assisted clients by providing them access to homes, so they’ll see what the property looked like.
  • Went through each step of the process, allowing clients to identify a home and cover the closing costs.
  • Provided various resources to homebuyers, including information about available homes and how to contact lenders.
  • Maintained persistence and patience while working with others, encouraging them to stick with the process without making them uncomfortable.

Project Experience

  • Contributing and assisting with home-building projects in the local area, leading to more apartments.
  • Owning my own business where I rent out properties to people and earn passive income.
  • Working alongside contractors to help them develop homes with amenities and features that meet local regulations.


  • Leading and organizing information
  • Tackling complex problems
  • Analyzing current market trends
  • Learning about current real estate laws
  • Excellent math skills


  • Master of Science, Real Estate Development, MIT
  • Bachelor’s in Property Management and Real Estate, NSU Florida
  • A GED from Green Springs High School in Miami, Florida

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Real estate license for the state of Massachusetts
  • Completed a Massachusetts real estate agent program

Why This Resume Works

If you plan to secure a senior position, a resume like this works since you can highlight your experiences and why you’d work for the job. For example, you demonstrate your time as a real estate agent and any leadership positions in the industry.

You can also mention your education, especially if you have a master’s degree in a related field. Ensure you also emphasize your licenses and accreditations, so you can stand out while reassuring others that you meet the position’s requirements.

Try to throw in some project experience since other hires probably have similar experiences, but having projects makes you stand out.

Residential Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Many real estate agents work in residential settings, meaning they help others find homes to buy and rent properties. Therefore, they require knowledge not only of the local area but also of the different types of living spaces, including condos, townhomes, and houses.

Because of that, you must highlight your experience working with people while tackling real estate work logistics.

Residential Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

The format is great since it highlights the applicant's work experience and offers other details, including projects and skills. It also shows that the applicant has the necessary licenses while mentioning their education to reassure the hire.

  • Type of Resume: Residential Real Estate Agent Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for residential real estate jobs
An image of Residential Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Real Estate Agent

  • Double-check information to find the best home for your clients, so they won’t waste their time.
  • Interacting with clients and building relationships, allowing them to rely on me throughout the process.
  • Support clients by answering their questions, giving them resources, and providing help whenever possible.
  • Calculating interest rates and keeping track of the market to help clients identify a home in their budget.
  • Walking through the homes with clients to identify any issues or advantages, they’ll recognize the value.

Property Manager

  • Keeping track of properties and maintaining them so the renters don’t face problems while staying there.
  • Identifying potential prices and making offers to people, they’ll want to rent the property and see what you offer.
  • Stopping by different properties to show them to potential renters, making them look as good as possible so people want to rent from me.
  • Contacting renters and helping them with any issues, ensuring they feel comfortable.
  • Remain a consistent contact to answer questions from renters and potential renters to make a plan accordingly.

Project Experience

  • Developing homes and helping businesses create apartments that’ll provide more space for people.
  • Working with people and volunteering at a soup kitchen to interact with others and meet their needs.
  • Planning different events based on real estate and bringing communities together while interacting with those people.


  • Working with others
  • Leading groups of realtors
  • Analyzing current housing market trends
  • Communicating with various people
  • Understanding and improving credit scores


  • Bachelor of Science in Real Estate at Fordham University
  • A GED from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Bronx, New York

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Real estate license for the state of New York
  • Completed a New York real estate agent program

Why This Resume Works

You can use this setup to highlight your experience as a real estate agent and also experience working with people. For example, if you used to work as a property manager or in a similar position, you can show how you interact well in residential settings.

The format also works since it highlights your work experience and offers other details, including projects and skills. You can also show that you have the necessary licenses while mentioning your education to reassure the hire.

Ensure you highlight other important details, such as how you work with others and anything else that’ll help you stand out in the residential sector.

Commercial Real Estate Agent Resume Example

You also have commercial real estate, which refers to business owners purchasing buildings for their business needs. Some buy offices while others need storage space, so you’ll work with various home types while assisting the businesses as required.

Because of that, this resume will highlight your experience in real estate while showing your work with businesses.

Commercial Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it highlights applicant's skills and licenses to indicate how they understand the processes regarding business. It also mentions any education they have to show off their knowledge and understanding of the industry.

  • Type of Resume: Commercial Real Estate Agent Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for commercial real estate agent jobs
An image of Commercial Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Real Estate Agent

  • Helping clients identify a building or area where they’ll enjoy the options and pick what they want.
  • Calculating their options and considering their budget after they get an estimate on their loan.
  • Providing details and information as clients need them, ensuring the clients find the homes they want to buy.
  • Experience in multiple areas, including helping business owners find a building they need for their work or office.
  • Going through the closing process and securing better deals for clients so they don’t waste their money.

Building Contractor

  • Working alongside an architect to bring buildings to life based on the specifications and unique design choices.
  • Getting all the supplies necessary and organizing the transportation so construction workers have the necessary equipment available.
  • Talking with the client to meet their needs regarding their vision and plans for the building.
  • Working alongside construction workers as needed, providing direction, and helping them keep everything in order.
  • Go through the timetables and offer estimates to people, so they’ll know what to expect regarding the construction process.

Project Experience

  • Developing homes and assisting people to give those people a place to live.
  • Tackling different tax-related documents for the company and working alongside the accounting department.
  • Joining different companies in service events where we work with those in need to help them get food during the holidays.


  • Planning the fine details regarding homes
  • Making calculations regarding purchases
  • Keeping track of timetables
  • Bargain with people to secure better deals
  • Effective communication with clients


Licenses & Accreditations

  • Real estate license for the state of Arizona
  • A business registered and licensed in Arizona
  • Completed an Arizona real estate agent program

Why This Resume Works

While you need real estate experience to work with commercial properties, you should also understand businesses. Having experience as a business owner or working with building  creation can make a difference.

The format also matters since you can highlight skills and licenses to indicate how you understand the processes regarding business. You should also mention any education you have to show off your knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Do what you can to discuss any points regarding where you live, so they’ll see that you understand the laws. You can also demonstrate your real estate market knowledge to help you find positions.

Real Estate Investment Resume Example

You’ll encounter people who want to purchase real estate as an investment, such as renting out the property or fixing it to sell later. As such, you’ll help them purchase property that residential real estate agents wouldn’t suggest, such as unrenovated buildings.

As such, you need a solid balance of residential and commercial experience to meet your client’s needs.

Real Estate Investment Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume highlights the applicant's experience as a real estate agent. If you have experience in owning and renting property, you can add it in your resume. This resume also mentions relevant skills of the applicant that are relevant to this job.

  • Type of Resume: Real Estate Investment Resume Example
  • Best For: Applying for real estate investment jobs
An image of Real Estate Investment Resume Example

Real Estate Agent

  • Helping people find a home they can invest in, so they won’t waste money while getting the home they want.
  • Understanding the interest rates and how much lenders charge to provide information to homebuyers.
  • Offer details about the markets available and how homebuyers can find the ideal home in the current housing market.
  • Posting ads and maintaining the property while waiting for potential tenants to get the property and secure a contract.
  • Drafting and adjusting contracts as needed based on what the tenant needs while covering all the legal requirements for the property.

Property Owner and Landlord

  • Experience interacting with the tenants and ensuring they make their payments.
  • Maintaining the property and addressing any tenant concerns to let them live comfortably and safely.
  • Checking the property regularly and contacting the tenants to help them enjoy and find value in their stay.
  • Creating online listings to find new tenants or advertise the property to make passive income while helping others.
  • Going through the entire rental process with people, doing what I can to establish an agreement so both parties benefit from it.

Project Experience

  • Working alongside others, helping them to develop different contracts to establish agreements with future tenants.
  • Offering assistance to the real estate agency, helping them go through contracts and develop negotiation techniques.
  • Creating different fundraisers for those in need and interacting with others ensures they run smoothly throughout the planning process.


  • Contributing to clients and helping them
  • Calculating expected monthly payments for clients
  • Persisting with sales and assisting clients
  • Double-checking information to help clients
  • Guiding clients through the entire process


  • Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management at Columbia College
  • A GED from Whitney High School in Cerritos, CA

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Real estate license for the state of California
  • Completed a California real estate agent program

Why This Resume Works

You should exemplify your experience as a real estate agent alongside your work in other areas regarding business. For example, if you have experience owning and renting property, you can work with real estate investment businesses.

You should also mention any skills that involve keeping track of money or any other details related to investing. If you can show off the experience and offer a good balance, you’ll increase your odds of securing a job in the industry.

Ensure you mention any education and licenses you have as a chance to exemplify your knowledge and secure the job.

Common Skills & Action Verbs To Include on a Real Estate Agent Resume

As you review examples and understand what employers look for on a resume, you should incorporate some soft and hard skills associated with real estate. You should add some action verbs, which associate actions and talents with you, and increase your chances of getting hired.

Common Skills for Real Estate Agent Resumes

You should also mention some critical hard and soft skills, so real estate agencies can see what you’ll offer them.

  • People skills
  • Organizing information
  • Research abilities
  • Math and calculations
  • Reading comprehension
  • Effective communication skills
  • Knowledge of the local market
  • Tracking interest rates
  • Improving credit scores
  • Presenting different homes
  • Working through contracts
  • Assisting the client
  • Overcoming problems and challenges
  • Negotiating closing costs and terms
  • Understanding the local real estate laws

Common Action Verbs for Real Estate Agent Resumes

As for your action verbs, you should try these options, so hires will associate you with those terms.

  • Compel
  • Double-check
  • Understand
  • Review
  • Research
  • Calculate
  • Discuss
  • Share
  • Support
  • Offer
  • Persist
  • Assist
  • Perceive
  • Contribute
  • Bargain

Tips for Writing a Better Real Estate Agent Resume

As you review your real estate agent resume, you’ll want to review creative resume tips to assist you. Utilizing such information will help you understand what your resume lacks, so you’ll make yourself stand out and get picked up by a real estate company.

1. Update Your Resume Every Few Months

Even if you find a position and plan to stick with it for a while, you should update your resume every few months. You can’t predict when you may lose your job or must move somewhere, so having your resume up-to-date can help you apply for positions.

In short, as you get more experience and consider different ideas for your resume, you should apply them. You can also use that time to create an ideal resume and identify the best terms you can mention for the situation.

Not only that, but you become better with time, so you’ll gain new insights regarding your resume.

2. Find Your Ideal Resume Format

As you create a resume, you have different formats you can try: reverse chronological, functional, and combination.

Reverse chronological order is where you list your most recent experiences and continue through your work history. You then have a functional resume, where you list the most relevant work first, and the combination resume, where you keep it chronological but still prioritize experience.

If you don’t know which to choose, you should go with a combination resume since you can highlight the best parts of your resume while using reverse chronological order. Make your resume in each style and determine which one you like the most.

3. Have It Checked By a Professional

While you should work on your resume and make improvements, you should also get it checked by a professional. You can find people who look through resumes and point out the improvements you can make, allowing you to apply those points.

Ensure you have a few professionals look at your resumes, so you’ll make them as presentable as possible. For example, if multiple professionals mention that you should change the order or add something to your resume, consider doing so to improve your resume.

As you go through this process, ensure they know that you plan to work as a real estate agent, so they’ll keep that in mind as they analyze your resume.

4. Change Your Resume for Every Job

If you plan to apply for multiple positions, you should design a resume for each job. That means you can develop a core resume with all your crucial information on it, then whenever you apply for a job, save it to a new file and make edits to adjust it based on the position.

As you look through job listings, the company will list various keywords throughout the listing, letting you know which points and information to highlight. You can then adjust the explanations for your resume and include the information they want to increase your odds of getting hired.

You can then add the best parts of each resume to the core resume to constantly improve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, review our frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more details about real estate agent resumes.

How do you introduce yourself as a real estate agent?

Whenever you introduce yourself to someone, always extend your hand, shake, and state your name and that you work as a local real estate agent. When you specify you work as a local, you reassure your clients that you have experience in the area and understand the local market.

What is a good example of a real estate agent’s resume objective?

Real estate agents ultimately help people find homes within their budgets, so they’ll have a place to live. You should reflect this in your resume objective by expressing your desire to help families navigate the market and find a home they love.

Similar Resume Types To Reference

If you want further assistance, you can check similar resume types and apply them to your real estate agent resume.

  • Construction Resume – Since a construction resume incorporates homes, you can see what terms apply to your work as a real estate agent, allowing you to utilize those points.
  • Property Manager Resume – A property manager resume helps you see what people expect from properties, so you can learn about their people skills and apply it to your work.
  • Finance Resume – A finance resume can also help you since you must work around other people’s finances to help them find a house, so review this industry.

Wrapping Up

Developing a real estate agent resume becomes easier as you go through different examples. You can see how others create resumes, apply those ideas to your resume, and make improvements to help you join a real estate company.

If you have further thoughts and questions regarding real estate agent resumes, feel free to mention them in the comments. You can also share the information with any real estate friends to help them develop better resumes and stand out among other options.

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