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Why Should We Hire You: How To Answer This Interview Question

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You are ready to begin your job search, or perhaps you have found your dream job; now you need to grab it.

During an interview, you will find yourself with the person in charge of hiring.

You will want to prepare yourself yet be thoughtful in your responses.

Along with questions that you will be asked, your poise, certainty, and preparedness will serve as answers to the questions the hiring manager already has.

It is impossible to know the exact questions that they will ask you during your interview, but there is one that is certain to be asked – why should we hire you?

As one of the most intimidating interview questions, you need to answer carefully.

You read the job description thoroughly and have prepared your answers.

It is time to set yourself apart from the other job seekers without sounding arrogant.

There are several great answers to the question, why should we hire you?

As the interviewee, you should have a few responses prepared.

It is hard to get an idea of a company before you walk in the doors and meet the hiring manager.

Having a few prepared answers allows you to respond according to the short relationship you have built with the interviewer.

This is your time to shine and set yourself apart from the other applicants.

Think about the job description and proceed with thought when answering.

Keep in mind the skills you have to complement the position.

Why is This Question Asked?

A recruiter will ask, ‘why should we hire you?’ because they want to know why you think you are best suited for the position.

A company will hire people to help fill a void in representation or specialties.

They want to hear from their applicants why they feel they are the best person to fill that gap.

Below, we have listed variations of this question in bullet points and have given some sample answers.

Variations of This Question

When you thought the interview process couldn’t be any scarier, there is more than one way for a recruiter to ask, ‘why should we hire you?’

We have some variations below to help you prepare to answer this question in different ways.

  • What makes you suited for this position?
  • Why are you the best candidate for this job?
  • Why should this company hire you?
  • Why should we hire you over other applicants?
  • What makes you a good fit for this company and this position?
  • Tell me, why do you think this job is a good fit for you?

Question One: What Makes You Suited for this Position?


When I was going through your job posting, I noticed that you were looking for someone with experience in putting together a curriculum for young children.

I have experience working with children of all ages as an education coordinator.

I have experience putting together programs designed for various learning needs and levels.

Question Two: Why are You the Best Candidate for This Job?


Your posting stated that you were looking for someone with managerial experience.

I have seven years of experience coordinating teachers’ schedules.

I also have experience scheduling for up to 200 students at a time.

I believe that my work ethic, as well as my experience, would make me the perfect candidate for this job.

Question Three: Why Should This Company Hire You?


I’ve involved myself with several organizations that support those who have autism.

I am comfortable working with children on the spectrum and with disabled people with Aspergers.

I have family members who have autism and know that they are ever-changing and unique.

I’ve enjoyed watching them grow.

Editor’s Note:

A great question and one that offers lead people floundering. Here is my best advice:

Firstly, have the answer to the question written down before you are interviewed. Don’t be tempted to make it up on the day. Most people will fail 🤣

Secondly, structure your answer in this way…

  • “I believe I have the skills and competencies you are seeking for the role… and summarise them for the interviewer….”
  • “I really want to work for the organisation because…. Name these reasons a swell.”
  • “I believe and I hope you agree with me? That my personality is one that will make me a good fit for the organisation…”

In other words …

  • “I can do the job.”
  • “I want the job.”
  • “We would be a good fit for each other.”

Question Four: Why Should We Hire you Over Other Applicants?


I know this company because I have spent a great deal of time here, having grown up in this area.

I understand the locals and appreciate the tourism aspect of a local boutique on the beachfront.

I have always loved the products that you sell and know first hand of their quality.

Question Five: What Makes You a Good Fit for Our Company and This Position?


I’ve met with some of your staff during the meeting process.

I can tell by the openness with which they spoke to me that this is a dynamic group of people that I would work well with.

I have years of experience working in this industry, and I know that my skills would be a great asset to this company.

Question Six: Tell Me, Why do you Think this Job is a Good Fit for You?


I have spent the last ten years working for a non-profit organization as an administrative assistant.

Here, I raised money for disadvantaged youths.

As I mentioned on my resume, I feel at ease with the homeless community and have always wanted to help where I can.

Filling this position would allow me to help those in need, and as campaign secretary, I would motivate others to enlist and donate to this cause.

Tips for Answering, “Why Should I Hire You?”

Some people find it difficult to hype themselves up and let others know that they are worth the risk.

When it comes to applying for jobs, you need to be humble but build yourself up at the same time.

Below are some tips on how to answer that uncomfortable question, why should we hire you?

Let them know that you have the experience that it takes to do the job well.

You may be confident in your abilities, but the hiring manager doesn’t know you from the rest of the applicants.

Emphasize your strengths, skills, experience, professional and educational achievements.

You should also mention life skills, trips, volunteer positions that you have held, or anything that will help speak to your candidacy.

Emphasize that you will be a great fit for their already stellar team.

Let the hiring manager know that you fit in well with colleagues in your area of expertise.

The Human Resources department of a company is very different from the IT department.

Let them know that you will fit in well with the team that you are interviewing to join.

Let them know that hiring you will benefit their companies production.

Before heading to a job interview, you will have gone over the company and read about various aspects.

This varies from performance to customer reviews.

If the company has received complaints about inadequate conflict resolution, tell them that you are good at dealing with customers.

How are you ready to resolve issues?

Show that you are eager to perform, not only able.

If a company has invited you to a job interview, it means that the company liked what they read on your resume.

They believe that you can do the job.

Once you are in the meeting, show the interviewer that you are eager to work with their team.

Prove that you can provide high-quality work, and have a positive attitude on what the job entails.

Be honest.

Be honest about the work experience and skills you have on your resume.

Your interviewer will ask you questions about any skills you have claimed or speak to you in a language you have listed.

There is nothing more embarrassing for you or the interviewer than to realize that you are not all you pretend to be.

Your time is precious, as is theirs, so don’t waste either of it.

Things to Avoid When Answering, “Why Should We Hire You?”

Just as there are correct ways to answer these questions, there are some things that you should not say when asked, “Why should we hire you?”


When applying for a job, there is little chance you are doing it for anything other than the money.

You may enjoy what the job entails, but chances are, you are only doing it for the money.

The interviewer understands this.

Leave the money talk for once they hire you if it isn’t clear in the contract or at the time of hiring.

Don’t mention it during the interview.


The last thing you want the interviewer to think is that you are after the job for the perks.

Like money, leave the extra benefits for them to let you know about, or ask once the position is yours.

If your profession is in an industry where you may meet the powerful or famous, it’s best to leave the question unanswered.

Expand on Your Resume Listed Skills

Your resume and cover letter are, no doubt, impressive, but there is always room to expand on your listed skills and attributes.

During the interview, give the interviewer a list of your strengths as they would apply to the particular role that you are applying for.

Don’t Sound Desperate

The company knows that you expect a paycheck.

Don’t make it seem like the world revolves around you getting hired or that you are desperate, even if it’s true.

Desperation doesn’t look good on anyone, and it doesn’t exude confidence.

Vague Interest

Emphasize that you are interested in the company you are interviewing with.

Do not say that you have a broad interest in fashion, newspapers, jewelry, or whatever industry you are entering.

You are interested in the company you are interviewing with specifically.

Ask Questions

At the end of all interviews, the hiring manager will ask you if you have any questions; you would do well to say yes.

Asking questions about the company and what they expect of you (if they haven’t already gone through it), will make you appear more interested in the job.

If you have no questions, the interviewer may assume that you have little interest.

Although you may not have any burning questions, come up with one or two ahead of time to let them know that you are invested in them.

Final Word

When interviewing for a new job with a company, you want to be clear about why you are an asset to their team.

Highlight your applicable skills.

How would they better the company that you are interviewing at?

During an interview, you are selling yourself as an asset to their already developed team.

Present yourself as a team player that will help them reach their goals.

You won’t sit back and watch things happen.

Now that you know what to do, head into your interview prepared to answer questions with confidence.

Remember to do your research, prepare your answers, and let them know what you will add to their company.

Tell them how you will stand out.

The best strategy to get a job is to learn about the company you are applying for.

Do your homework to know it’s a job you want, and let the employer know that you are the ideal candidate.

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