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Mechanic Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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Finding the right job for you is not always easy, especially if you are a mechanic. Yes, you can easily diagnose and solve mechanical problems, but creating a stand-out resume can be tricky.

You are not alone, many mechanics have been struggling with the same problem for long. This is a competitive industry, so it is crucial to nail your mechanic resume to catch the attention of hiring managers.

Luckily, we have tested several templates to help tailor your resume to fit the job position. The mechanic resume samples below represent different experience levels, education, and abilities.

Mechanic Resume Examples

Before you can get a job as a mechanic, you must submit your resume to job applications. Here we will examine five resume examples for mechanics in different stages of their careers. You can look at the samples that best suit your situation.

Entry-Level Mechanic Resume Example

The hardest time to get a job is when you are early in your career. At this time, your experience is limited, so you do not have much of an opportunity to get a leg up on other candidates. Fortunately, there are things entry-level mechanics can put on their resumes to stand out. Here is an example of an entry-level mechanic resume.

Entry-Level Mechanic Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume works for entry-level mechanics because it keeps things simple. It does a good job of showing the candidate’s skills and willingness to learn. Hiring managers for this level look for an accurate assessment of skills

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Mechanic Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for entry-level mechanic jobs
An image of Entry-Level Mechanic Resume Example


I am an upbeat individual and a quick learner who thrives on challenges, proficient in following work orders and accurately completing tasks.

Work Experience 1: Auto Repair

  • Communicate clearly with vehicle owners regarding expected repairs and costs.
  • Specialize in engine repair, maintenance, and overhaul.
  • Follow repair checklists to ensure all services are completed accurately.
  • Remove and repair or replace vehicle system components.
  • Ensure complete customer satisfaction from first contact to vehicle delivery.

Work Experience 2: Computer Repair Technician

  • Made on-site business repair calls to address issues with desktop computers, workstations, and laptops.
  • Updated software and added virus protection to vulnerable systems.
  • Recommended system upgrades to improve performance.
  • Troubleshoot software and hardware issues.
  • Disassembled, cleaned, and repaired complex computer systems.

Project Experience:

  • Completed repairs and replacements of car parts on vehicles with manufacture dates ranging from 1992 to 2022.
  • Completed projects related to complete engine replacement. Responsible for installing the new engine and ensuring it functions properly.
  • Disassembled old computers, repaired and replaced faulty components, and reassembled them, ensuring they worked properly after repairs.


  • Engine and equipment repair
  • Customer service
  • Motor vehicle diagnostics
  • Automotive repair
  • Root-cause analysis


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Automotive Technology Supervision
  • The University of Vienna, Vienna, VA
  • September 2016 – June 2020

Licenses & Accreditations:

  • Engine Restoration Certification, University of Nairobi, 2016
  • Automatic Transmission Certification, University of Nairobi, 2021

Why This Resume Works

This resume works for entry-level mechanics because it keeps things simple. When hiring for an entry-level position, managers understand applicants will not have extensive experience. Instead, they are looking for an accurate assessment of skills. This resume does a good job of showing the candidate’s skills and willingness to learn.

A good entry-level mechanic resume should include all of the sections listed above. Even if you do not have work experience that directly relates to the mechanic job, some of the skills might be relevant. For example, customer service experience is necessary for a mechanic. So, if you have experience working in sales, you can include it so that you are a more interesting candidate.

Experienced Mechanic Resume Example

An experienced mechanic should approach their resume differently from someone looking for an entry-level position. Experienced mechanics should have more extensive work experience, more skills, and sometimes even better certifications. Here is a solid example of an experienced mechanic resume.

Experienced Mechanic Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it displays the depth of experience of the candidate. It highlights the education and licenses that allowed the candidate to get their first positions in the industry.

  • Type of Resume: Experienced Mechanic Resume Example
  • Best For: Those with little or a lot of mechanic experience
An image of Experienced Mechanic Resume Example


I’m an adept maintenance mechanic with 11 years of maintenance experience. I’m looking for an opportunity to expand my knowledge of commercial vehicles and execute accurate, quality repairs as a maintenance mechanic with your company.

Work Experience 1: Maintenance Mechanic

  • Inspected, repaired, and maintained seven buses and vehicles per day.
  • Diagnosed issues with HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other systems within 27 minutes of request.
  • Scheduled mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system maintenance and inspections, saving $48.3K+ a year in repair costs.
  • Organized safety training meetings every four months, reducing the number of on-site injuries by 74%.
  • Collaborated with nine vendors and suppliers to secure discounts and build loyalty, decreasing supply costs by 18%.

Work Experience 2: Subaru, Honda, and Toyota Auto Mechanic

  • Replaced a total of 25 Toyota CV axles, 45 Honda water pumps, 45 Subaru spark plugs, and 55 Honda timing belts.
  • Recorded results of inspections, repairs, and replacements for company and client using standardized forms.
  • Communicated estimated repair costs and negotiated costs and maintenance needs with clients, de-escalating 99% of conflicts.
  • Test-drove all vehicles before repair deadlines to diagnose other issues, catching and repairing 87% of further issues.
  • Researched cars and trucks before the project starts to assess condition, reducing diagnosis errors by 37%.

Project Experience:

  • Organized safety training meetings for staff every four months. Often ran safety meetings for new hires to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Recorded results of inspections for company records and compiled the data to expedite the process in the future.
  • Worked with a team collaborating with several vendors to secure discounts and build loyalty with our customer base.


  • Engine Repair and Diagnostics
  • Steering and Suspension Systems Repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Electrical Systems
  • Conflict Resolution


  • Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology
  • Lincoln Technical School, Denver, CO
  • September 2001 – June 2005

Licenses & Accreditations:

  • ASE Diesel Certification
  • Diesel Truck Maintenance Certificate
  • HVACR Certification

Why This Resume Works

This resume works because it displays the depth of experience of the candidate. You can see the education and licenses that allowed the candidate to get their first positions in the industry. However, you can see they never stopped learning. The candidate learned on the job, overseeing projects, working in teams, and improving as their career progressed.

The key to a well-experienced mechanic resume is to display that the candidate has not stagnated in their progress. No one wants to hire a candidate who does not try to improve, which can be evident in some resumes. So, showing how much you have learned and improved as a mechanic is crucial if you have several years of experience.

Auto Mechanic Resume Example

Auto mechanics are responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing vehicle systems. Someone applying for an auto mechanic position should display their useful work experience, skills, and education. Here is an example of an auto mechanic resume that can get interviews and jobs.

Auto Mechanic Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume does a good job of ensuring that the hiring manager knows what they are getting in the candidate. It outlines the applicant's work experience, project experience, skills, and education in an easy-to-read format.

  • Type of Resume: Auto Mechanic Resume Example
  • Best For: Those looking for auto mechanic jobs
An image of Auto Mechanic Resume Example


I’m an experienced auto repair expert with proficiency in examining, diagnosing, and resolving a diverse array of vehicle problems. I’m skilled in adhering to service timetables, proficient in interpreting technical manuals, and acquainted with inspecting different components.

Work Experience 1: Automotive Technician

  • Maintained fleet motor vehicles by following preventative and corrective maintenance schedules according to OEM.
  • Inspected motor vehicles by using market and industry skills to execute strategic purchases for dealers, volume resellers, and private clients.
  • Took care of air conditioning systems, changed and topped off fluids, and did various maintenance inspections.
  • Explained complex mechanical information into simpler terms that individuals with less or no understanding of such system operations.
  • Deescalated situations with upset clients over expensive repairs and other issues.

Work Experience 2: Auto Mechanic

  • Found and removed faulty auto parts for replacement, adjustment, and repair.
  • Addressed faults and maximized performance through rebuilding individual components and systems.
  • Tuned auto components and systems to improve functionality and increase the life of each piece.
  • Conducted test drives and adjusted controls and systems when verifying vehicle serviceability.
  • Completing results related to maintenance and organization’s mission.

Project Experience:

  • Oversaw the presentation of large sales to private clients resulting in seven-figure sales.
  • Managed a group of mechanics responsible for the maintenance of fleet vehicles.
  • Instructed to complete a project that would improve our turnover rate, allowing the company to serve more customers.


  • Inspecting Vehicles
  • Rebuilding Engines
  • Calibration Understanding
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Installing Equipment


  • Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering
  • Columbia University – New York
  • September 2012 – June 2016

Licenses & Accreditations:

  • Collision Repair & Refinish Certification
  • Damage Analysis & Estimating Certification
  • Automobile Service Consultant Certification

Why This Resume Works

This resume does a good job of ensuring the hiring manager knows what they are getting in the candidate. The candidate outlines their work experience, project experience, skills, and education in an easy-to-read format. There is very little left up to interpretation, so the hiring manager can make an informed decision.

You should be as straightforward as possible when you have the experience and education to back it up. Auto mechanics with experience should not use deceptive phrasing to get jobs. Instead, they can outline their job experience and education to show their suitability for the position. The above example does a good job of showing how you can format your resume.

Diesel Mechanic Resume Example

A diesel mechanic is different from a traditional mechanic. Although they have many similar skills, a diesel mechanic is more specialized. Diesel mechanics can do the job of an auto mechanic, but not vice versa. Here is a diesel mechanic resume example.

Diesel Mechanic Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it shows that the candidate has suitable work experience. It does a fantastic job of displaying the skills essential to be a good diesel mechanic hence stand out from the rest of the applicant.

  • Type of Resume: Diesel Mechanic Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for diesel mechanic jobs
An image of Diesel Mechanic Resume Example


I’m a talented Diesel Mechanic with 15 years of experience taking care of earthmovers, generators, and construction equipment. I have a proper understanding of wear and tear experienced by various hardworking vehicles. I have great relationships with owners and operators – and I’m an effective team player with better understanding of documentation and customer service standards.

Work Experience 1: Diesel Mechanic

  • Utilized company equipment to perform diagnostics, repair, and research issues on diesel vehicles & equipment.
  • Maintained and repaired truck, van, and trailer parts, including engines, brakes, and fuel systems.
  • Restricted company filing system to ensure 100% accuracy of records, warranty documents, and other files.
  • Collaborated with the team to ensure all vehicles & equipment were worked on within three hours of drop-off.
  • Reviewed DMV motor vehicle repair shop regulations every four months and updated company procedures as needed.

Work Experience 2: Diesel Technician

  • Provided preventative maintenance services, including tire rotations, oil changes, filter replacements, and engine cleaning for 30+ vehicles per shift.
  • Conducted complete vehicle inspections to ensure brakes, tires, flights, and fuel systems were working effectively.
  • Handled 10+ types of difficult jobs, including farm equipment calls and total engine repairs.
  • Documented 100% of repairs, replacements, and services according to company policy.
  • Ensured 100% compliance with OSHA and state DMV laws.

Project Experience:

  • Ran a team that collaborated to ensure all vehicles and equipment were worked on shortly after drop-off.
  • In charge of the documentation of repairs, replacements, and services for upper management.
  • Organized meetings to ensure all employees were working in compliance with OSHA and state DMV laws.


  • Tire Maintenance
  • Engine OVerhauls
  • Auto Diagnostics
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Fluid Adjustments


  • Diesel Truck Maintenance
  • South Georgia Technical College, Americus, GA
  • September 2004 – June 2006

Licenses & Accreditations:

  • ASE Diesel Certification
  • Diesel Truck Maintenance Certificate
  • Diesel Mechanic Training

Why This Resume Works

Diesel mechanics have a different skill set from traditional mechanics. They work on different vehicles, so they need different education, skills, and certifications. Additionally, their work history should be slightly different. This resume does a fantastic job of displaying the skills essential to be a good diesel mechanic.

Furthermore, the resume shows the candidate is versatile when you look at the work experience. You can see they have worked on several projects with a variety of vehicles. This resume shows hiring managers they can hire the candidate to work on diesel vehicles, but they can also help on other projects when necessary.

Aircraft Mechanic Resume Example

Aircraft mechanics require more education and expertise than auto mechanics because the stakes are so much higher. If an aircraft breaks down, it is a disaster. As a result, a good aircraft mechanic resume should focus heavily on the technical aspects of the job. Here is an example of an aircraft mechanic resume.

Aircraft Mechanic Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume works because it does a good job of differentiating itself from a traditional mechanic’s resume. This job has higher stakes, and as a result, higher education is required. All of this information is well presented on this resume.

  • Type of Resume: Aircraft Mechanic Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for aircraft mechanic jobs
An image of Aircraft Mechanic Resume Example


I’m a dependable Aircraft Mechanic with more than 10 years of experience in repairing, diagnosing, and overhauling aircraft systems and engines. I’m very detail-oriented with the ability to spot problems quickly and complete any repairs needed to return the aircraft to service.

Work Experience 1: Aircraft Mechanic

  • Examine each vital aircraft component, like hydraulic systems and landing gears, to locate various problems, including leaks and cracks.
  • Examine the fuselage, wings, and tail for corrosion, distortion, and concealed cracks by employing X-ray and magnetic inspection equipment.
  • Complete all the repairs and maintenance tasks to company and FAA standards.
  • Utilize a variety of equipment and precision instruments to review components such as turbine blades for cracks, corrosion, and any other issues.
  • Meet tight repair deadlines to ensure no service disruption and planes depart on schedule.

Work Experience 2: Aircraft Mechanic

  • Used measuring instruments to inspect parts.
  • Assembled and installed aircraft systems, including plumbing, mechanical and hydraulic.
  • Refueled, cleaned, and changed oil lines in aircraft servicing.
  • Used work order reporting system to maintain record accuracy.
  • Ensured supervisors are notified of faulty operations and defective materials.

Project Experience:

  • Ran a team that was in charge of inspecting equipment before take-off to ensure there were no problems.
  • Organized meetings to ensure all employees completed maintenance work to company and FAA standards.
  • Worked with a team that was in charge of repairing old equipment so that it could be reinstalled into aircraft.


  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Corrosion Expertise
  • Engine Maintenance and Disassembly
  • Blueprint Reading and Interpretation


  • Bachelor of Science, Aviation Technology
  • Emerson University – Old Cityland, NH
  • September 2002 – June 2006

Licenses & Accreditations:

  • FAA Certified Aircraft Mechanic
  • Aircraft Electronics Technician Certificate
  • Mechanical Inspector Certification

Why This Resume Works

This resume works because it does a good job of differentiating itself from a traditional mechanic’s resume. As you would guess, an aircraft mechanic needs more education and experience than a standard auto mechanic. Their job has higher stakes, and as a result, higher education is required. All of this information must be present on the resume.

This resume displays everything in an orderly format. Nothing is left up to interpretation. All information is easy to view, and as a result, it is easier for a hiring manager to make a decision.

If you are an aircraft mechanic that needs help designing your resume, this example is a good starting point. You can adjust it how you see fit, but you should not need to make too many adjustments other than ensuring the information is accurate.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include On a Mechanic Resume

When writing a mechanic resume, you should give it a personal touch. Designing your resume with your personal flare allows you to stand out from the competition. However, that does not mean there are no hard skills, and action verbs employers are looking for in all candidates. Here we will examine the common skills and action verbs you should try to include in your resume.

Common Skills for Mechanic Resumes

  • Diagnosing mechanical problems
  • Performing routine maintenance of vehicles and machinery
  • Repairing engines, transmissions, and other mechanical systems
  • Troubleshooting and repairing electrical systems
  • Welding and metalworking
  • Using hand and power tools
  • Conducting safety inspections
  • Performing oil changes and tune-ups
  • Testing and adjusting equipment
  • Maintaining and repairing hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Understanding and interpreting technical manuals and schematics
  • Operating computer diagnostic equipment
  • Communicating effectively with clients and coworkers
  • Managing time efficiently
  • Keeping accurate records and documentation
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Following safety protocols and guidelines
  • Maintaining a clean and organized work environment
  • Continuing education and staying up-to-date with new technologies
  • Being a team player and collaborating effectively with others.

Common Action Verbs for Mechanic Resumes

  • Analyze
  • Assemble
  • Diagnose
  • Explain
  • Fix
  • Identify
  • Inspect
  • Install
  • Lift
  • Maintain
  • Maneuver
  • Read
  • Record
  • Repair
  • Replace

Tips for Writing a Better Mechanic Resume

Although the examples listed above do a fantastic job of showing how to write a resume, you will not copy everything. You must make adjustments based on your experience and education. As a result, we want to provide you with some general tips for writing a better mechanic resume. This advice should be useful to mechanics of all experience levels and specialties.

1. Be Specific

You should always try to be as specific as possible when writing a resume. It does not matter what type of job you are applying for, being specific is appreciated by hiring managers. However, it is even more important when applying for a technical position like an automotive technician.

Mechanics need many technical skills, so you will not be hired if you are vague about your certifications and experience.

Hiring managers want specific examples of your experience, skills, and achievements. You cannot delve too deep into each achievement, but you can talk about specific projects you worked on. Rather than simply stating you repaired engines, provide details on the types of engines you have worked on and what specific problems you have solved.

2. Include Mechanic-Related Hobbies

One thing that stands out to employers is if the candidate enjoys doing what they do. Nothing shows enjoyment more than using your job skills during your personal time. So, you should include mechanic-related hobbies if you have them. For example, if you are working to fix up an old car in your garage, include it on your resume.

Another benefit of including a hobby is it helps give a personal touch to your resume. After reading a few dozen resumes, your hiring manager’s eyes will gloss over. They will not be able to differentiate between resumes when they look back. However, if you include a section mentioning you have a mechanic-related hobby, you will stand out.

3. Highlight Your Certifications and Training

As we mentioned above, there is nothing more important in a mechanic’s resume than the technical aspects. So, it is crucial to highlight all certifications and training you have done beyond traditional schooling. You should include your education too, but extra certifications are excellent for helping candidates stand out.

If you have any relevant certifications or completed training programs, make sure you list them on your resume. Vailing extra certifications shows you are committed to improving your skills and knowledge. As a result, employers will be more interested in hiring you for a long-term position with their company.

4. Keep It Concise

Very little is worse for your job prospects than a bulky resume. Resumes should be concise and only include essential information. You can delve into deeper detail when you get an interview. Your resume is a starting point and should be used to display your work experience, education, and accomplishments.

Do not be afraid to use bullet points and short sentences to make information easier to read and understand. When you finish putting your resume together, proofread it. Nothing shows a lack of attention to detail, like a typo in a resume. So, ensure you do not have any spelling or grammatical errors in your resume before submitting it to a prospective employer.

5. Showcase Your Soft Skills

Finally, a mistake many mechanics make when writing their resumes is failing to showcase their soft skills. Instead, they only focus on the technical aspects of the job. While you must include your hard skills, you must also display soft skills to show your well-roundedness.

Mechanics must interact with dozens of customers every day. So, they must have communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Include these things on your resume to get bonus points with your hiring manager. Although they might not seem like much, soft skills can be the difference between getting a job and sending in more applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap up, we want to answer a few more questions you might have. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need.

What Are 3 Qualities of a Great Mechanic?

A great mechanic needs several qualities to progress in their career. Technical knowledge and expertise are necessary for all mechanics. Additionally, you must have fantastic attention to detail to identify problems. Finally, problem-solving skills are necessary for all mechanics to have success.

What Is a Good Example of a Mechanic’s Resume Objective?

A mechanic’s resume objective should be the introduction to the resume. It should give the hiring manager a taste of what the rest of the resume has to offer. It should highlight why the candidate is a good option for the job.

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Here are some resume types you can look at because of their similarity to mechanic resumes:

Wrapping Up

If you are applying for a position as a mechanic, you must have an excellent resume. It should include your technical skills, soft skills, education, and certifications. However, it is also crucial to give it a personal touch. You can do so by listing mechanic-related hobbies.

All five of the examples listed above are good starting points for mechanics. Find the example that best suits your situation and get started!

Did you like the article? Was there a mechanic resume we missed? Please let us know in the comments.

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